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The removable solutions form Mid-Cape Dental Lab are sure to satisfy your edentulous and partially edentulous patients’ needs. With durability and unparalleled esthetics, every option will help to preserve oral health, renew your patient’s confidence, and provide lifelike function.

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Complete Denture

Our high-quality complete denture restorations are available in premium or economy options, so that every patient can have a reason to smile. The premium option utilizes SR Phonares® denture teeth, which provide exceptional lifelike esthetics. Our complete dentures are made using the Ivoclar Ivocap Injection System, which allows for a more accurate and comfortable fitting denture. Whether choosing a premium or economy option, all of our complete dentures will provide your patients with unmatched comfort, fit, and function.

Valplast Flexible Partial

Our flexible denture is fabricated out of Valplast®, which is a base resin that is a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic. This material has unique physical and esthetic characteristics, which allows for unlimited design versatility. This partial denture provides your patient with advanced retention, comfort, esthetics, and strength.

Cast Partial

Our cast combo partial is fabricated out of Valplast® which is a flexible base resin that is excellent for partial dentures and unilateral restorations. This biocompatible nylon thermoplastic has unique physical and esthetic properties that allow for extreme design customization and eliminates the potential for acrylic allergies. It ensures patient satisfaction due to its thinness and lightweight. This combination partial features Valplast acrylic with your choice of chromium-cobalt or Vitallium® 2000 framework.

Night Guards

One of the most recommended treatments for those who grind their teeth is a custom night guard. These form-fitting appliances help protect your teeth from damage caused by rubbing them against each other. They can also help position your jaw in a comfortable position and limit your ability to move your jaw around during sleep.

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