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Fixed Restorations

Mid-Cape Dental Lab offers fixed restorations that provide both exceptional quality and unmatched esthetics. Our solutions include industry standards, such as PFMs, as well as high-quality full-contour zirconia. Every fixed restoration we fabricate utilizes digital dentistry in some way, whether that be scanning, designing, or milling.

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Full-Contour Zirconia Crown

Mid-Cape Dental Lab provides carefully crafted full-contour zirconia crafted with the use of state-of-the-art technology. Our FCZ restorations offer the highest flexural strength of any all-ceramic options. Our team utilizes digital dentistry to ensure every full-contour zirconia crown or bridge is fabricated to have a perfectly smooth surface, which eliminates abrasion against natural dentition. 

IPS. e.max

The highly customizable IPS e.max® is made out of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and can be fabricated as a full-contour monolithic or cut-back and layered with porcelain. Due to its five levels of translucency, this option is the most esthetic all-ceramic solution. Due to its proven clinical success, this restoration is an industry standard. IPS e.max offers minimally invasive restorations with flexural strength of up to 500 MPa. Additional impulse ingots available for maximum flexibility.

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