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At Mid-Cape Dental Lab, we specialize in providing cutting-edge All On 4 dental solutions, designed to enhance your practice's restorative treatments. Our comprehensive approach combines innovative implant technology with superior esthetics, ensuring your patients enjoy both the function and appearance of natural teeth.

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Hybrid Bar / Acrylic Wrap-Around

The conventional hybrid wrap-around bar is the fundamental structure of a fixed denture. An alloy bar is fabricated using CAD/CAM technology to guarantee accurate design and precise fit. A wrap-around style bar will serve as a frame and will become fully wrapped in acrylic resin for the final. The hybrid bar makes repair and maintenance convenient for the clinician and patient.

Layered Zirconia Hybrid

For a more aesthetic result without completely compromising strength, the layered zirconia hybrid is a great option. Furthermore, the strength of the zirconia substructure and aesthetics of hand-layered porcelain work well for full arch restorations. Our design protocol layers porcelain on the buccal surface leaving the occlusal surfaces in zirconia, potentially preventing porcelain chipping.

Monolithic Zirconia

The monolithic zirconia option provides the most strength available to your All-on-4® restoration. The zirconia is completely customizable in anatomy and color to ensure a beautiful finish. The non-porous and smooth finish prevents the occurrence of odors, chips, and stains that conventional acrylic options struggle with.

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